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    Yngwie Malmsteen


    Yngwie J. Malmsteen's Rising F

    Год выхода: 1984
    #   название битрейт время
    1.Evil EyeCBR 160Kb/s5:14
    2.Far Beyond The SunCBR 160Kb/s5:53
    3.As Above, So BelowCBR 160Kb/s4:39
    4.Black StarCBR 160Kb/s4:54
    5.Icarus' Dream Suite Op.4CBR 160Kb/s8:34
    6.Little SavageCBR 160Kb/s5:23
    7.FarewellCBR 160Kb/s0:50
    8.Now Your Ships Are BurnedCBR 160Kb/s4:12

    Marching Out

    Год выхода: 1985
    #   название битрейт время
    1.I Am A VikingCBR 160Kb/s6:01
    2.On The Run AgainCBR 160Kb/s3:25
    3.Soldier Without FaithCBR 160Kb/s6:11
    4.Caught In The MiddleCBR 160Kb/s4:20
    5.PreludeCBR 160Kb/s1:00
    6.Disciples Of HellCBR 160Kb/s5:53
    7.Anguish And FearCBR 160Kb/s3:51
    8.Marching OutCBR 160Kb/s3:10
    9.Don't Let It EndCBR 160Kb/s4:10
    10.I'll See The Light, TonightCBR 160Kb/s4:28
    11.Overture 1383CBR 160Kb/s2:59


    Год выхода: 1986
    #   название битрейт время
    1.Trilogy Suite Op.5CBR 160Kb/s7:18
    2.You Don't Remember, I'll NeverCBR 160Kb/s4:33
    3.CryingCBR 160Kb/s5:04
    4.LiarCBR 160Kb/s4:10
    5.Magic MirrorCBR 160Kb/s3:53
    6.FireCBR 160Kb/s4:15
    7.Dark AgesCBR 160Kb/s4:00
    8.FuryCBR 160Kb/s3:57
    9.Queen In LoveCBR 160Kb/s4:07


    Год выхода: 1988
    #   название битрейт время
    1.MemoriesCBR 160Kb/s1:14
    2.KrakatauCBR 160Kb/s6:06
    3.Faster Than The Speed Of LightCBR 160Kb/s4:31
    4.Bite The BulletCBR 160Kb/s1:35
    5.Dreaming (Tell Me)CBR 160Kb/s5:23
    6.Riot In The DungeonsCBR 160Kb/s4:26
    7.Crystal BallCBR 160Kb/s4:57
    8.Rising ForceCBR 160Kb/s4:24
    9.Deja VuCBR 160Kb/s4:18
    10.Now Is The TimeCBR 160Kb/s4:34
    11.Heaven TonightCBR 160Kb/s4:07
    12.Hold OnCBR 160Kb/s5:12

    Trial By Fire

    Год выхода: 1989
    #   название битрейт время
    1.Queen In LoveCBR 160Kb/s3:55
    2.Heaven TonightCBR 160Kb/s4:28
    3.Deja VuCBR 160Kb/s4:05
    4.Guitar Solo (Trilogy Suite Op-CBR 160Kb/s10:17
    5.LiarCBR 160Kb/s3:57
    6.Spanish Castle Magic (LP VersiCBR 160Kb/s6:45
    7.You Don't Remember, I'll NeverCBR 160Kb/s6:04
    8.Crystal BallCBR 160Kb/s6:04
    9.Dreaming (Tell Me)CBR 160Kb/s6:34
    10.Black StarCBR 160Kb/s6:09
    11.Far Beyond The SunCBR 160Kb/s8:18


    Год выхода: 1990
    #   название битрейт время
    1.Making LoveCBR 160Kb/s4:57
    2.JudasCBR 160Kb/s4:26
    3.FaultlineCBR 160Kb/s5:09
    4.Motherless ChildCBR 160Kb/s4:14
    5.What Do You WantCBR 160Kb/s3:49
    6.Bedroom EyesCBR 160Kb/s4:02
    7.EclipseCBR 160Kb/s3:46
    8.See You In Hell (Don't Be LateCBR 160Kb/s3:40
    9.Demon DriverCBR 160Kb/s3:26
    10.Save Our LoveCBR 160Kb/s5:25
    11.Devil In DisguiseCBR 160Kb/s6:12

    Fire And Ice

    Год выхода: 1992
    #   название битрейт время
    1.PerpetualCBR 160Kb/s4:14
    2.Forever Is A Long TimeCBR 160Kb/s4:28
    3.How Many Miles To BabylonCBR 160Kb/s6:11
    4.No MercyCBR 160Kb/s5:33
    5.I'm My Own EnemyCBR 160Kb/s6:10
    6.DragonflyCBR 160Kb/s4:49
    7.All I Want Is EverythingCBR 160Kb/s4:02
    8.Golden DawnCBR 160Kb/s1:29
    9.Fire And IceCBR 160Kb/s4:31
    10.Final CurtainCBR 160Kb/s4:47
    11.TeaserCBR 160Kb/s3:30
    12.C'est La VieCBR 160Kb/s5:20
    13.LeviathanCBR 160Kb/s4:25
    14.Cry No MoreCBR 160Kb/s5:18

    I Can't Wait

    Год выхода: 1994
    #   название битрейт время
    1.AftermathCBR 160Kb/s3:42
    2.Power and Glory (Takada's ThemCBR 160Kb/s4:25
    3.I Can't WaitCBR 160Kb/s5:05
    4.Rising Force (Live)CBR 160Kb/s4:19
    5.Far Beyond the Sun (Live)CBR 160Kb/s5:36

    The Seventh Sign

    Год выхода: 1994
    #   название битрейт время
    1.Angel In HeatCBR 160Kb/s4:14
    2.Never DieCBR 160Kb/s3:29
    3.Forever OneCBR 160Kb/s4:36
    4.BrothersCBR 160Kb/s3:47
    5.SorrowCBR 160Kb/s2:04
    6.Pyramid Of CheopsCBR 160Kb/s5:11
    7.Bad BloodCBR 160Kb/s4:25
    8.HairtriggerCBR 160Kb/s2:43
    9.Crash And BurnCBR 160Kb/s4:06
    10.Meant To BeCBR 160Kb/s3:52
    11.Prisoner Of Your LoveCBR 160Kb/s4:28
    12.I Don't KnowCBR 160Kb/s3:26
    13.Seventh SignCBR 160Kb/s6:32

    Magnum Opus

    Год выхода: 1995
    #   название битрейт время
    1.No Love LostCBR 160Kb/s3:08
    2.I'd Die Without YouCBR 160Kb/s5:50
    3.Cross The LineCBR 160Kb/s3:32
    4.Tomorrow's GoneCBR 160Kb/s5:20
    5.Overture 1622CBR 160Kb/s2:42
    6.Time Will TellCBR 160Kb/s5:09
    7.Fire In The SkyCBR 160Kb/s4:57
    8.VengeanceCBR 160Kb/s4:50
    9.AmberdawnCBR 160Kb/s4:26
    10.VoodooCBR 160Kb/s6:19
    11.The Only OneCBR 160Kb/s4:02


    Год выхода: 1996
    #   название битрейт время
    1.Gates Of BabylonCBR 160Kb/s7:12
    2.In The Dead Of NightCBR 160Kb/s6:11
    3.Carry On Wayward SonCBR 160Kb/s5:09
    4.Child In TimeCBR 160Kb/s8:07
    5.MistreatedCBR 160Kb/s7:30
    6.Spanish Castle MagicCBR 160Kb/s3:13
    7.Pictures Of HomeCBR 160Kb/s4:56
    8.Manic DepressionCBR 160Kb/s3:40
    9.AnthemCBR 160Kb/s4:18
    10.The Sails Of CharonCBR 160Kb/s5:06
    11.Demon's EyeCBR 160Kb/s4:53

    Facing The Animal

    Год выхода: 1997
    #   название битрейт время
    1.Like An AngelCBR 160Kb/s5:48
    2.Another TimeCBR 160Kb/s5:03
    3.Air On A ThemeCBR 160Kb/s1:44
    4.Poison In Your VeinsCBR 160Kb/s4:24
    5.SacrificeCBR 160Kb/s4:19
    6.BraveheartCBR 160Kb/s5:18
    7.My ResurrectionCBR 160Kb/s4:49
    8.EnemyCBR 160Kb/s4:53
    9.Alone In ParadiseCBR 160Kb/s4:34
    10.End Of My RopeCBR 160Kb/s4:24
    11.Only The StrongCBR 160Kb/s6:06
    12.Heathens From The NorthCBR 160Kb/s3:40
    13.Facing The AnimalCBR 160Kb/s4:37


    Год выхода: 1999
    #   название битрейт время
    1.BlueCBR 160Kb/s4:10
    2.Hangar 18, Area 51CBR 160Kb/s4:43
    3.Asylum II - Sky EuphoriaCBR 160Kb/s3:20
    4.Voodoo NightsCBR 160Kb/s7:30
    5.Stand (The)CBR 160Kb/s5:05
    6.Asylum I - AsylumCBR 160Kb/s4:07
    7.LeonardoCBR 160Kb/s7:36
    8.Playing With FireCBR 160Kb/s6:16
    9.BlitzkriegCBR 160Kb/s4:13
    10.Legion Of The DamnedCBR 160Kb/s5:51
    11.Deamon Dance (7,405,926)CBR 160Kb/s5:24
    12.Asylum III - Quantum LeapCBR 160Kb/s3:54
    13.Wield My SwordCBR 160Kb/s6:12

    Concerto Suite For Electric Gu

    Год выхода: 2000
    #   название битрейт время
    1.SarabandeCBR 160Kb/s3:23
    2.Icarus Dream FanfareCBR 160Kb/s5:26
    3.AndanteCBR 160Kb/s4:20
    4.Prelude To AprilCBR 160Kb/s2:43
    5.VivaceCBR 160Kb/s4:50
    6.FinaleCBR 160Kb/s1:50
    7.FugueCBR 160Kb/s3:40
    8.AdagioCBR 160Kb/s3:09
    9.Presto VivaceCBR 160Kb/s3:40
    10.Cavalino RampanteCBR 160Kb/s3:57
    11.ToccataCBR 160Kb/s3:57
    12.AllegroCBR 160Kb/s1:30
    13.Eine Kleine Nachtmusik - 1st mCBR 160Kb/s5:46
    14.Suite No.2BWV.1008 - GigueCBR 160Kb/s2:29
    15.Royal Fireworks Music - OvertuCBR 160Kb/s7:33
    16.Symphony No.3 (Eroica) - 1st mCBR 160Kb/s20:11
    17.Mars - The PlanetsCBR 160Kb/s8:10
    18.Suite No.2BWV.1008 - SarabandeCBR 160Kb/s4:12
    19.Summer - 2nd movement (The FouCBR 160Kb/s2:13
    20.Suite No.2BWV.1008 - PreludeCBR 160Kb/s3:14
    21.Partita BWV.1013 - Bouree AnglCBR 160Kb/s2:38

    War To End All Wars

    Год выхода: 2000
    #   название битрейт время
    1.CrucifyCBR 160Kb/s6:44
    2.Prophet Of DoomCBR 160Kb/s5:32
    3.Black Sheep Of The FamilyCBR 160Kb/s2:19
    4.TarotCBR 160Kb/s5:38
    5.Wild OneCBR 160Kb/s5:46
    6.Catch 22CBR 160Kb/s4:13
    7.MasqueradeCBR 160Kb/s4:55
    8.The WizardCBR 160Kb/s5:18
    9.Molto ArpeggiosaCBR 160Kb/s4:14
    10.Instrumental InstitutionCBR 160Kb/s3:56
    11.PreludiumCBR 160Kb/s2:27
    12.Miracle Of LifeCBR 160Kb/s5:39
    13.War To End All WarsCBR 160Kb/s4:15
    14.Bad ReputationCBR 160Kb/s4:52


    Год выхода: 2002
    #   название битрейт время
    1.Attack!CBR 160Kb/s4:25
    2.Touch The SkyCBR 160Kb/s5:01
    3.Freedom Isn't FreeCBR 160Kb/s4:07
    4.Majestic Blue (Instrumental)CBR 160Kb/s6:02
    5.Razor EaterCBR 160Kb/s3:27
    6.Valley Of KingsCBR 160Kb/s5:43
    7.In The Name Of GodCBR 160Kb/s3:39
    8.Mad DogCBR 160Kb/s3:24
    9.Iron CladCBR 160Kb/s4:58
    10.StrongholdCBR 160Kb/s4:18
    11.Rise UpCBR 160Kb/s4:33
    12.ValhallaCBR 160Kb/s6:44
    13.Baroque & Roll (Instrumental)CBR 160Kb/s5:57
    14.Air (Instrumental)CBR 160Kb/s2:35
    15.Ship Of FoolsCBR 160Kb/s4:16

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