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    A Treatise on Love

    Год выхода: 1998
    #   название битрейт время
    1.PT IV - Toy A primirose path tCBR 192Kb/s7:25
    2.PT II - EndCBR 192Kb/s5:51
    3.PT I - The Liars and those whoCBR 192Kb/s5:41
    4.PT III - The Psychology of DemCBR 192Kb/s7:12
    5.Exotica SequenceCBR 192Kb/s6:09
    6.Pride of the Serpent WindsCBR 192Kb/s4:29
    7.Snowfall: Aserenade of Aurora,CBR 192Kb/s3:26
    8.I am that which IsCBR 192Kb/s5:58
    9.What was TruthCBR 192Kb/s4:37

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