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    Cruel Face Of Life

    Год выхода: 1994
    #   название битрейт время
    1.Cruel Face Of LifeCBR 192Kb/s1:33
    2.No Will To ChangeCBR 192Kb/s0:48
    3.Very Important PeopleCBR 192Kb/s1:08
    4.What I Feel Is What I WantCBR 192Kb/s1:10
    5.Express Your OpinionCBR 192Kb/s1:16
    6.Your FearCBR 192Kb/s1:02
    7.Disarm The WorldCBR 192Kb/s1:40
    8.Anger Against ConformityCBR 192Kb/s0:50
    9.Living To DeceiveCBR 192Kb/s1:58
    10.Friends. Not MineCBR 192Kb/s0:53
    11.Dear SorryCBR 192Kb/s0:04
    12.No EqualityCBR 192Kb/s0:41
    13.Accepting The ForetoldCBR 192Kb/s0:18
    14.My EnemyCBR 192Kb/s1:15
    15.Reality Based On LiesCBR 192Kb/s0:38
    16.RestrictedCBR 192Kb/s1:05
    17.FatalityCBR 192Kb/s1:07
    18.Fools To ResistCBR 192Kb/s0:47
    19.Smiling FacesCBR 192Kb/s0:50
    20.Game Of HypocrisyCBR 192Kb/s1:00
    21.Musculous IgnoranceCBR 192Kb/s1:08
    22.No Gods - No MastersCBR 192Kb/s0:12
    23.The FlowerCBR 192Kb/s1:17
    24.No MoreCBR 192Kb/s0:03
    25.Removing The MaskCBR 192Kb/s1:34
    26.It Isn't Your ProblemCBR 192Kb/s2:41
    27.Rubbish CountryCBR 192Kb/s2:26
    28.Drunk DriverCBR 192Kb/s0:52
    29.Almighty GodCBR 192Kb/s0:38
    30.BlindCBR 192Kb/s0:50
    31.PuppetCBR 192Kb/s0:18
    32.Catch As - Catch CanCBR 192Kb/s0:08
    33.The PestCBR 192Kb/s0:25
    34.J.j.j.CBR 192Kb/s0:07
    35.Nice Face (Shit Intelligence)CBR 192Kb/s0:53
    36.Hidden From YourselfCBR 192Kb/s1:00
    37.Laws And CrimesCBR 192Kb/s0:08
    38.Still Not For MeCBR 192Kb/s1:19
    39.The ActorCBR 192Kb/s0:49
    40.Cooperation Not CompetitionCBR 192Kb/s1:02
    41.Lack Of IdealsCBR 192Kb/s0:39
    42.Save The SceneCBR 192Kb/s0:23

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