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    Purity Of Essence CD2

    Год выхода: 1997
    #   название битрейт время
    1.The Notforgettin'CBR 128Kb/s4:09
    2.All In All I KnowCBR 128Kb/s4:18
    3.Label On The WindCBR 128Kb/s6:47
    4.DeepCBR 128Kb/s5:32
    5.Roller CoasterCBR 128Kb/s4:06
    6.It's OkayCBR 128Kb/s4:18
    7.You Just Got To LiveCBR 128Kb/s5:02
    8.An Inch Above The GroundCBR 128Kb/s3:34
    9.No Life At AllCBR 128Kb/s2:38
    10.Just The SameCBR 128Kb/s4:53

    Purity Of Essence CD1

    Год выхода: 1997
    #   название битрейт время
    1.I've Had It Coming My WayCBR 128Kb/s3:29
    2.Hit My HeadCBR 128Kb/s5:27
    3.Rock 'N RollCBR 128Kb/s0:04
    4.Hump For FunCBR 128Kb/s3:12
    5.Coming Down In PiecesCBR 128Kb/s5:50
    6.Fade AwayCBR 128Kb/s6:13
    7.Outta SpaceCBR 128Kb/s4:06
    8.Daddy's GirlCBR 128Kb/s4:18
    9.When Our Day Is ThroughCBR 128Kb/s4:25
    10.One Of Those DaysCBR 128Kb/s3:59
    11.TelevisionCBR 128Kb/s3:41
    12.Cherrybutt & FireflyCBR 128Kb/s3:32
    13.I Want OutCBR 128Kb/s4:14

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