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    Pulp Fiction


    OST: Pulp Fiction

    Год выхода: 1994
    #   название битрейт время
    1.ezkiel 25:17CBR 320Kb/s0:54
    2.surf riderCBR 320Kb/s3:20
    3.being out the gimpCBR 320Kb/s2:12
    4.Jungle BoogieCBR 320Kb/s3:07
    5.son of a preacher manCBR 320Kb/s2:28
    6.royale with cheeseCBR 320Kb/s1:45
    7.bustin surferboardsCBR 320Kb/s2:29
    8.flowers on the wallCBR 320Kb/s2:25
    9.if love is a red dressCBR 320Kb/s4:57
    10.MisirlouCBR 320Kb/s2:30
    11.personallity goes a long wayCBR 320Kb/s1:02
    12.jack rabiit slim twist contestCBR 320Kb/s3:14
    13.lonesome townCBR 320Kb/s2:15
    14.zeds dead baby -bullwinkle parCBR 320Kb/s2:31
    15.girl, youll be a woman soonCBR 320Kb/s3:10
    16.lets stay togetherCBR 320Kb/s3:17

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