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    Pop Will Eat Itself


    Cure For Sanity

    Год выхода: 1991
    #   название битрейт время
    1.X, Y & ZeeCBR 192Kb/s4:43
    2.Dance Of The Mad BastardsCBR 192Kb/s5:36
    3.Touched By The Hand Of CicciolCBR 192Kb/s7:42
    4.Nightmare At 20,000 FtCBR 192Kb/s3:55
    5.PsychosexualCBR 192Kb/s2:16
    6.The Incredible P.W.E.I. Vs. ThCBR 192Kb/s1:37
    7.88 Seconds... & Still CountingCBR 192Kb/s3:52
    8.Very Metal Noise PollutionCBR 192Kb/s1:22
    9.Lived In Splendor: Died In ChaCBR 192Kb/s5:07
    10.Another Man's RhubarbCBR 192Kb/s4:06
    11.1000x No!CBR 192Kb/s3:13
    12.City Zen Radio 1990/2000 FmCBR 192Kb/s0:56
    13.Axe Of MenCBR 192Kb/s3:55
    14.The Beat That Refused To DieCBR 192Kb/s1:33
    15.Medicine Man Speak With ForkedCBR 192Kb/s0:42
    16.Dr. Nightmare's Medication TimCBR 192Kb/s2:27

    The Looks Or The Lifestyle?

    Год выхода: 1992
    #   название битрейт время
    1.I've Always Been A Coward, BabCBR 192Kb/s3:24
    2.MotherCBR 192Kb/s4:13
    3.Harry Dean StantonCBR 192Kb/s5:12
    4.Eat Me Drink Me Love Me Kill MCBR 192Kb/s2:59
    5.KarmadromeCBR 192Kb/s4:21
    6.Urban Futuristic (Son Of SouthCBR 192Kb/s4:43
    7.Get The Girl + Kill The BaddieCBR 192Kb/s5:08
    8.England's FinestCBR 192Kb/s0:46
    9.Pretty PrettyCBR 192Kb/s4:07
    10.Bulletproof!CBR 192Kb/s3:14
    11.Token Drug SongCBR 192Kb/s4:02
    12.I Was A Teenage GrandadCBR 192Kb/s4:01

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