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    Paul van Dyk


    Return of god!

    #   название битрейт время
    1.Cultivate - Broken PiecesCBR 128Kb/s5:21
    2.Subsunday - So GoodCBR 128Kb/s5:17
    3.Wellenrausch - On The RunCBR 128Kb/s4:51
    4.Mesh - Purple HazeCBR 128Kb/s3:24
    5.Malte & Marc de Clarq - No MorCBR 128Kb/s5:18
    6.Magneta - Twisted SoulCBR 128Kb/s6:11
    7.Nu-NRG - ConnectiveCBR 128Kb/s5:39
    8.Aquaculture - UnderstatementCBR 128Kb/s3:33
    9.Fiocco - Afflitto 2003CBR 128Kb/s3:54
    10.Mal Black - Funk SystemCBR 128Kb/s5:19
    11.Starchaser feat Steve EdwardsCBR 128Kb/s4:40
    12.David Forbes - AnswersCBR 128Kb/s4:31
    13.Ronski Speed - IrisCBR 128Kb/s5:13

    Seven Ways

    #   название битрейт время
    1.Come (And Get It)VBR 244Kb/s6:21
    2.I Like ItVBR 235Kb/s5:43
    3.HeavenVBR 267Kb/s5:29
    4.HomeVBR 222Kb/s6:52
    5.PeopleVBR 253Kb/s4:23
    6.Forbidden FruitVBR 220Kb/s6:58
    7.The Greatness Of BritainVBR 222Kb/s8:38
    8.I Can't Feel ItVBR 236Kb/s8:00
    9.Beautiful PlaceVBR 250Kb/s7:02
    10.WordsVBR 231Kb/s9:39
    11.Seven WaysVBR 237Kb/s6:24

    Out there and back

    Год выхода: 2000
    #   название битрейт время
    1.Out There And BackCBR 192Kb/s6:56
    2.The Love From AboveCBR 192Kb/s5:48
    3.Tell Me Why (The Riddle)CBR 192Kb/s7:53
    4.We Are AliveCBR 192Kb/s6:31
    5.ColumbiaCBR 192Kb/s5:04
    6.Another WayCBR 192Kb/s5:24
    7.PikesCBR 192Kb/s7:00
    8.TravellingCBR 192Kb/s7:10
    9.VegaCBR 192Kb/s6:05
    10.AvenueCBR 192Kb/s7:29
    11.Face To FaceCBR 192Kb/s5:43
    12.Together We Will ConquerCBR 192Kb/s7:24

    PvD DvD Global

    Год выхода: 2002
    #   название битрейт время
    1.My World 2003CBR 192Kb/s4:10
    2.AnimacionCBR 192Kb/s7:22
    3.Step Right On 2003CBR 192Kb/s5:02
    4.We Are AliveCBR 192Kb/s3:27
    5.A Magical Moment 2003CBR 192Kb/s4:17
    6.Seven Ways 2003CBR 192Kb/s4:59
    7.Tell Me WhyCBR 192Kb/s6:15
    8.Beautiful Place 2003CBR 192Kb/s5:55
    9.WordsCBR 192Kb/s5:43
    10.Forbidden Fruit 2003CBR 192Kb/s6:24
    11.Another WayCBR 192Kb/s6:21
    12.For an AngelCBR 192Kb/s7:11
    13.Together We Will ConquerCBR 192Kb/s7:38

    Seven Ways CD2

    Special Limited Edition
    #   название битрейт время
    1.Come (Original mix)VBR 243Kb/s6:59
    2.Don t imitate, innovate! (AmbiVBR 197Kb/s9:15
    3.Blue: Spanish Lullaby (Paul vaVBR 244Kb/s7:13
    4.Seven ways (Star Wars)VBR 225Kb/s5:55
    5.Seven ways: (Beyond the veil dVBR 222Kb/s8:38
    6.Don t imitate, innovate! (DJ DVBR 244Kb/s5:47
    7.Sundae 6 a.m.VBR 232Kb/s10:54
    8.I want you, I need you. (DemomVBR 243Kb/s6:12
    9.Living for the night (High-waiVBR 236Kb/s6:05


    Год выхода: 2003
    #   название битрейт время
    1.01-CrushCBR 320Kb/s7:46
    2.03-Like A FriendCBR 320Kb/s3:54
    3.11-ConnectedCBR 320Kb/s6:36
    4.12-SpellboundCBR 320Kb/s4:43
    5.08-Never ForgetCBR 320Kb/s5:26
    6.04-ReflectionsCBR 320Kb/s7:27
    7.13-KaleidoskopeCBR 320Kb/s4:52
    8.09-KnowledgeCBR 320Kb/s4:04
    9.07-HomageCBR 320Kb/s3:45
    10.06-BuenaventuraCBR 320Kb/s8:28
    11.05-Nothing But YouCBR 320Kb/s6:57
    12.02-Time Of Our LivesCBR 320Kb/s4:23

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