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    Negative Prevails

    Год выхода: 1999
    #   название битрейт время
    1.I Bleed BlackCBR 192Kb/s3:50
    2.Cozmic AutopsiesCBR 192Kb/s4:22
    3.PyhereticCBR 192Kb/s4:49
    4.By The Dawn Of The 13ThCBR 192Kb/s5:13
    5.Negative Prevails - OutroCBR 192Kb/s1:18
    6.A Religious SickopathicCBR 192Kb/s5:52
    7.Blood StreamsCBR 192Kb/s2:40
    8.Bewitched By The EngravedCBR 192Kb/s3:47
    9.Message In A... CoffinCBR 192Kb/s3:47
    10.Posed To SlaughterCBR 192Kb/s4:02

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