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    James Horner & The London Symp


    OST: Braveheart

    Год выхода: 1995
    #   название битрейт время
    1.Princess Pleads For Wallace'sCBR 160Kb/s3:38
    2.The Legend SpreadsCBR 160Kb/s1:09
    3.Attack On MurronCBR 160Kb/s3:00
    4.The Battle Of StirlingCBR 160Kb/s5:57
    5.RevengeCBR 160Kb/s6:24
    6.For The Love Of A PrincessCBR 160Kb/s4:07
    7.Wallace Courts MurronCBR 160Kb/s4:25
    8.Murron's BurialCBR 160Kb/s2:14
    9.Freedom The Execution BannockbCBR 160Kb/s7:24
    10.End CreditsCBR 160Kb/s7:15
    11.Main TitleCBR 160Kb/s2:51
    12.Betrayal & DesolationCBR 160Kb/s7:48
    13.FalkirkCBR 160Kb/s4:04
    14.Making Plans Gathering The ClaCBR 160Kb/s1:52
    15.Gift Of A ThistleCBR 160Kb/s1:38
    16.The Secret WeddingCBR 160Kb/s6:33
    17.Mornay's DreamCBR 160Kb/s1:16
    18.Sons Of ScotlandCBR 160Kb/s6:20

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