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    #   название битрейт время
    1.Thank You For The MusicCBR 192Kb/s3:59
    2.Send Me A Message Of LoveCBR 192Kb/s3:55
    3.Max Don't Have Sex With Your ECBR 192Kb/s3:30
    4.The Power Of SexCBR 192Kb/s3:36
    5.Turn Me OnCBR 192Kb/s3:45
    6.Willi Use A Billy.. BoyCBR 192Kb/s3:41
    7.Lay All Your Love On MeCBR 192Kb/s4:16
    8.Gimme Good SexCBR 192Kb/s3:51
    9.Fred Come To BedCBR 192Kb/s3:57
    10.Help Me Dr.DickCBR 192Kb/s3:42
    11.Don't Say We're ThroughCBR 192Kb/s4:40
    12.Fritz Love My TitsCBR 192Kb/s4:08
    13.Falling For A WitchCBR 192Kb/s3:46
    14.Gotta Get It Groovin'CBR 192Kb/s3:52
    15.Who Wants To Live ForeverCBR 192Kb/s6:22
    16.Sex On The PhoneCBR 192Kb/s3:55
    17.Sexual MadnessCBR 192Kb/s3:47
    18.Voulez Vous Coucher Avec Moi (CBR 192Kb/s4:00

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