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    Dreams Of Dark Waters

    Год выхода: 1994
    #   название битрейт время
    1.R'lych AwakensCBR 192Kb/s5:57
    2.VarunaCBR 192Kb/s2:20
    3.Dreams Of Dark WatersCBR 192Kb/s6:03
    4.Intra-Uterine SabbatCBR 192Kb/s7:44
    5.The Frozen MoonCBR 192Kb/s4:19
    6.StellurisCBR 192Kb/s6:15
    7.Dance Of QuilielfiCBR 192Kb/s4:25
    8.ColoursCBR 192Kb/s3:41
    9.Black EidolonCBR 192Kb/s4:22
    10.Nailed To The Cross Of PlutoCBR 192Kb/s6:26
    11.Twilyte LanguageCBR 192Kb/s3:38

    Black Eden

    Год выхода: 1996
    #   название битрейт время
    1.Satanas Ex MachinaCBR 192Kb/s9:29
    2.A Golden HeresyCBR 192Kb/s9:21
    3.The Left Hand Of The DeadCBR 192Kb/s6:48
    4.When God Was A SnakeCBR 192Kb/s9:37
    5.The Devils Stars Burn ColdCBR 192Kb/s7:14
    6.The Sun No Longer Sets Me FreeCBR 192Kb/s6:07

    Liber Leviathan

    Год выхода: 1996
    #   название битрейт время
    1.Abysmal DeepsCBR 192Kb/s8:16
    2.Dagon Is My WeaponCBR 192Kb/s2:49
    3.EarthoscopeCBR 192Kb/s3:55
    4.Fish Eyed DaemonCBR 192Kb/s1:17
    5.Nan Ma DolCBR 192Kb/s3:48
    6.Island Of The DeadCBR 192Kb/s5:48
    7.Cthulhu FhtagnCBR 192Kb/s8:26
    8.Cyclopean SiloCBR 192Kb/s3:57
    9.Gods Of The Bent SeaCBR 192Kb/s5:10
    10.Engine Of TyphonCBR 192Kb/s8:27

    The Dark Is Light Enough

    Год выхода: 1996
    #   название битрейт время
    1.The Stars Are RightCBR 192Kb/s8:44
    2.Nu Silence RiteCBR 192Kb/s5:06
    3.Ubbo-SathlaCBR 192Kb/s3:57
    4.Nevers GiftCBR 192Kb/s8:16
    5.He Knows The GateCBR 192Kb/s7:05
    6.In The Sea My Lord LiethCBR 192Kb/s5:45
    7.When I Was DeadCBR 192Kb/s3:55
    8.The Dark Is Light EnoughCBR 192Kb/s7:18
    9.Listen To WolvesCBR 192Kb/s4:56

    Great God Pan

    Год выхода: 1997
    #   название битрейт время
    1.Sperm Of MetalsCBR 192Kb/s5:04
    2.Sucking This Sour VineCBR 192Kb/s4:55
    3.The Truth Is A Sharp KnifeCBR 192Kb/s2:39
    4.Dark Face Of EveCBR 192Kb/s3:57
    5.OriflammeCBR 192Kb/s5:25
    6.Saturns TreeCBR 192Kb/s7:37
    7.From Sickening SkiesCBR 192Kb/s5:38
    8.Alpha-WolfCBR 192Kb/s5:57
    9.The Battle Song Of EnduraCBR 192Kb/s2:06
    10.Hymn To PanCBR 192Kb/s7:36
    11.A Black Dog Crossed My PathCBR 192Kb/s4:56

    The Watcher

    Год выхода: 1998
    #   название битрейт время
    1.The Watcher And The WatchedCBR 192Kb/s49:44

    Elder Signs

    Год выхода: 1999
    #   название битрейт время
    1.The Call Of The First AethyrCBR 192Kb/s5:02
    2.VarunaCBR 192Kb/s2:20
    3.Bio Mechanical Soul JourneyCBR 192Kb/s5:14
    4.Dreams Of Dark WatersCBR 192Kb/s6:01
    5.Total ControlCBR 192Kb/s2:48
    6.Rlych AwakensCBR 192Kb/s5:44
    7.The Last PylonCBR 192Kb/s4:26
    8.Dance Of QulielfiCBR 192Kb/s4:06
    9.Intra-Uterine SabbatCBR 192Kb/s7:46
    10.The Frozen MoonCBR 192Kb/s3:52
    11.StellurisCBR 192Kb/s6:03
    12.ColoursCBR 192Kb/s3:40
    13.Black EidolonCBR 192Kb/s4:25
    14.Nailed To The Cross Of PlutoCBR 192Kb/s6:01
    15.Twilyte LanguageCBR 192Kb/s3:32
    16.The Stars Are RightCBR 192Kb/s7:00
    17.Nu Silence RiteCBR 192Kb/s3:42
    18.Ubbo-SathlaCBR 192Kb/s2:26
    19.Nevers GiftCBR 192Kb/s7:06
    20.He Knows The GateCBR 192Kb/s5:33
    21.In The Sea My Lord LiethCBR 192Kb/s4:18
    22.Back In BlackCBR 192Kb/s5:22
    23.The Bull & The East Wind BlowiCBR 192Kb/s5:16
    24.When I Was DeadCBR 192Kb/s3:56
    25.The Fall Of AmorCBR 192Kb/s5:03
    26.The Sun Behind The SunCBR 192Kb/s3:54
    27.The Dark Is Light EnoughCBR 192Kb/s7:19
    28.Child Of FireCBR 192Kb/s3:33
    29.Listen To WolvesCBR 192Kb/s4:22
    30.Stay Not The TidesCBR 192Kb/s4:15

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