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    Crowded House


    Crowded House

    Год выхода: 1986
    #   название битрейт время
    1.World Where You LiveCBR 224Kb/s3:05
    2.That's What I Call LoveCBR 224Kb/s3:39
    3.Don't Dream It's OverCBR 224Kb/s3:57
    4.Hole In The RiverCBR 224Kb/s4:00
    5.I Walk AwayCBR 224Kb/s3:07
    6.Love You 'Til The Day I DieCBR 224Kb/s3:33
    7.Mean To MeCBR 224Kb/s3:17
    8.TombstoneCBR 224Kb/s3:30
    9.Something So StrongCBR 224Kb/s2:52
    10.Can't Carry OnCBR 224Kb/s3:57
    11.Now We're Getting SomewhereCBR 224Kb/s4:05

    Recurring Dream

    Год выхода: 1996
    #   название битрейт время
    1.Everything Is Good For YouCBR 224Kb/s3:58
    2.Pineapple HeadCBR 224Kb/s3:30
    3.I Feel PossessedCBR 224Kb/s3:50
    4.InstinctCBR 224Kb/s3:10
    5.Better Be Home SoonCBR 224Kb/s3:12
    6.Fall At Your FeetCBR 224Kb/s3:20
    7.Not The Girl You Think You AreCBR 224Kb/s4:11
    8.Into TemptationCBR 224Kb/s4:36
    9.Distant SunCBR 224Kb/s3:52
    10.Weather With YouCBR 224Kb/s3:47
    11.Four Seasons In One DayCBR 224Kb/s2:50
    12.It's Only NaturalCBR 224Kb/s3:35
    13.Private UniverseCBR 224Kb/s5:38
    14.World Where You LiveCBR 224Kb/s3:08
    15.Something So StrongCBR 224Kb/s2:54
    16.Mean To MeCBR 224Kb/s3:17
    17.Locked OutCBR 224Kb/s3:21
    18.When You ComeCBR 224Kb/s4:46
    19.Don't Dream It's OverCBR 224Kb/s3:58

    Recurring Dream Bonus Live Alb

    Год выхода: 1996
    #   название битрейт время
    1.Pineapple HeadCBR 224Kb/s3:27
    2.Private UniverseCBR 224Kb/s4:56
    3.Whispers And MoansCBR 224Kb/s4:43
    4.Don't Dream It's OverCBR 224Kb/s4:03
    5.Newcastle JamCBR 224Kb/s2:44
    6.There Goes GodCBR 224Kb/s5:38
    7.When You ComeCBR 224Kb/s7:27
    8.Left HandCBR 224Kb/s3:14
    9.How Will You GoCBR 224Kb/s3:23
    10.Love You 'Til The Day I DieCBR 224Kb/s4:47
    11.Hole In The RiverCBR 224Kb/s8:54
    12.In My CommandCBR 224Kb/s4:23
    13.Kill EyeCBR 224Kb/s3:20
    14.Sister MadlyCBR 224Kb/s6:45
    15.Fingers Of LoveCBR 224Kb/s5:02


    Год выхода: 2000
    #   название битрейт время
    1.Dr LivingstoneCBR 224Kb/s3:57
    2.I Am In LoveCBR 224Kb/s4:38
    3.Sacred CowCBR 224Kb/s3:37
    4.LesterCBR 224Kb/s2:19
    5.Help Is ComingCBR 224Kb/s4:50
    6.You Can TouchCBR 224Kb/s3:47
    7.Left HandCBR 224Kb/s2:57
    8.I Love You DawnCBR 224Kb/s2:35
    9.My Telly's Gone BungCBR 224Kb/s3:14
    10.Private UniverseCBR 224Kb/s4:09
    11.Time ImmemorialCBR 224Kb/s4:07
    12.Anyone Can TellCBR 224Kb/s3:36
    13.Recurring DreamCBR 224Kb/s3:25


    Год выхода: 1991
    #   название битрейт время
    1.Whispers and MoansCBR 224Kb/s3:40
    2.How Will You GoCBR 224Kb/s4:46
    3.There Goes GodCBR 224Kb/s3:50
    4.As Sure As I AmCBR 224Kb/s2:53
    5.Weather With YouCBR 224Kb/s3:44
    6.All I AskCBR 224Kb/s3:56
    7.It's Only NaturalCBR 224Kb/s3:32
    8.She Goes OnCBR 224Kb/s3:16
    9.Tall TreesCBR 224Kb/s2:20
    10.Chocolate CakeCBR 224Kb/s4:02
    11.Four Seasons In One DayCBR 224Kb/s2:50
    12.Fall At Your FeetCBR 224Kb/s3:19
    13.Fame IsCBR 224Kb/s2:23
    14.Italian PlasticCBR 224Kb/s3:40

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