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    Carpathian Forest


    We're Going to Hell for This -

    Год выхода: 2002
    #   название битрейт время
    1.Possibilities of Life's DestruCBR 256Kb/s1:11
    2.I am PossessedCBR 256Kb/s3:50
    3.The Angel and the SodomizerCBR 256Kb/s3:53
    4.Carpathian Forest (Live)CBR 256Kb/s2:30
    5.In League with Satan*CBR 256Kb/s4:43
    6.Death Triumphant (Demo VersionCBR 256Kb/s9:18
    7.Bloodlust and PerversionCBR 256Kb/s3:19
    8.Sadomasochistic (Live)CBR 256Kb/s3:33
    9.He's Turning Blue (Live)CBR 256Kb/s2:26
    10.Morbid Fascination of Death (LCBR 256Kb/s2:24
    11.Bloody Fucking Nekro HellCBR 256Kb/s0:57
    12.Mask of the Slave (Live)CBR 256Kb/s3:49
    13.Knokkelmann (Live)CBR 256Kb/s3:14
    14.Doomed to Walk the Earth as SlCBR 256Kb/s2:47
    15.Bloodcleansing (Live)CBR 256Kb/s2:23
    16.In the Shadow of the Horns*CBR 256Kb/s6:22
    17.Return of the Freezing Winds (CBR 256Kb/s2:41
    18.The Good Old Enema Treatment PCBR 256Kb/s2:52

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